This is a 100% volunteer-led event and all profit is reinvested into the community through MTTA’s education, charity, and history preservation initiatives. Even with more classes and presenters than any previous MsC, the virtual format enables us to charge less than half the price of our physical conference. To make world-class M/s educational programming more accessible than ever, we are also offering sliding scale ticket pricing.
MTTA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit run by unpaid volunteers.
All profits are reinvested in the community through our education and history preservation projects.


Create history with us at
MsC Worldwide 2024!


Thank you! This helps us offer discounted tickets to those in need. Will be acknowledged on our Community Benefactor pages if desired.


Reduced pricing for
those who need it.
If the discounted price is more than you can manage scholarship opportunities are available.