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Founding Sponsors

MTTA is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to consensual Master/slave relationships. Founded by Master Taíno in 2004, MTTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of leaders in our Master/slave community. MTTA is dedicated to providing educational, training, social and networking opportunities for adults interested in alternative relationships. It’s programs include the Master/slave Conference, MTTA Academy, M/s Legacy Project, and Master/slave History Program.

∞♥∞ The Poly Exchange is dedicated to education and support for those interested in the intersection of Polyamory and Authority Based Relationships. Our mission is to provide an interactive forum for those with this shared interest to explore, learn, share, and discuss this particular juncture of relationship dynamics. The Poly Exchange celebrates and passionately advocates for diversity. We are committed to fostering an inclusive safe space for all orientations and identifications to engage in meaningful discourse where these consensual relationship dynamics can be talked about openly and authentically.

Far too many in our chosen families have already been lost to us with precious little of their wisdom preserved. Our Leather Legacy is dedicated to collecting the teachings, lived experience, and perspectives of important voices in the Leather and M/s community so that more of their insight and understanding can be made accessible to future generations.

2024 Diamond Sponsors

South Plains Leatherfest

 At South Plains we offer a place where all of us in Kink and Leather can gather in community and share connection, skills, social time and celebrate relationships that exchange authority.

We welcome all folx from the Leather, Master slave, Kink, BDSM, Fetish and Authority Exchange communities to come together and embrace the magnificent range of kink that we present. Our goal is to offer something for everyone: from the beginner who recently found our community to the Leather Person with decades of wear on their leathers, to the Master slave pair who shares stories from years of being together, to the queer kinkster who wants to get it going in the play space. We provide a safe space where we can all thrive.

Come to SPLF for Education, Vendors, On-site Play Parties, Living Room social area, Entertainment, Bootblacks and Barbershop, Hospitality Parties, Step-down Lunch Celebration, Debauchery, Hot Seat Cafe Lunch, The International Master slave and the International Person of Leather Contests.

Our commitment is to produce a world-class Leather event that is welcoming, accessible, relevant, and transformative for all attendees.

There is so much to do at SPLF, we’ll make the choices challenging for you!  Go to the SPLF website for all the details:

MAsT International

MAsT International is dedicated to providing education, support, and resources to individuals involved or interested in consensual Master/slave relationships.

MAsT was founded in 1988 in San Francisco by Fred Vaselenak and his slave michel as a support organization for gay men in Master/slave relationships. During this time Luke Owens was instrumental in developing the International Master/slave Contest as part of MAsT. Since then it has grown to over 90 active chapters worldwide.

MAsT, through these member chapters, provides a forum for like-minded individuals of all roles and identifications to come together for the discussion of topics meaningful to these relationships, to share their experiences and ideas, and gain support for building, maintaining, and sustaining intentional authority-based dynamics.

Visit MAsT.net today to locate a chapter, learn how to start one, buy MAsT merchandise, and more!

The Master/slave Conference

The Master/slave Conference, created in 2004, is a highly educational annual event over Labor Day Weekend in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. It’s a five-day four-night event with three full days of classes. We offer over 100 educational opportunities on Master/slave and other authority-based relationships including classes, intensives, panels, conversations, round tables, and service stations. MsC is produced by a Board of Directors that govern MTTA Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.

Partner Event Sponsors

The M/s Gathering

April 10-14, 2024

Sheraton Suites

Wilmington, DE

Gold Sponsor

House Exeter



Our vision is to help foster the growth of thriving power exchange, service, and Leather communities by providing a greater understanding of critical soft & hard skills, mental heath topics, and key relationship skills through free and accessible education

Silver Sponsors

Alternative Collective House, Boise, Idaho

The House of Alternative Collective is a BDSM orientated, Leather focused, House of like-minded and tempered individuals who exist in an ethical, harmonious, power exchange environment. We are education-focused concerning the BDSM community, Kink and Leather community, and seek to provide a welcoming and favorable environment. Excellent education opportunities and knowledge of best practices to help others discover and explore on their own individual journeys. We pride ourselves in supporting events that offer accessible chances for growth. If you have questions or have an interest in the House, please feel free to contact us, we love to help. E-mail us at: altcollectivehouse@gmail.com

Bronze Sponsors

Fredrick Zal

PhD(c), MA, CST, CSE

Teaching the art within sexual acts

Black FemDoms-Atlanta

The Atlanta Annex of the Carter/Johnson Library

MAsT: San Francisco

An intimate Master/slave discussion group, the first MAsT chapter!

Dorie’s Designs

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