Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for MsC WORLDWIDE 2023. The event would not be possible without you!

While volunteers will be assigned to a single team, you are welcome to apply for multiple positions (position descriptions are on the previous page).

References are requested if available, but no previous conference volunteer experience is necessary. Volunteers are ambassadors for the event to the wider community. The references and social media links are a way of getting to know you better. Please be sure to ask in advance before putting folks down as references. Consent is sexy!

We provide training and support for all volunteer positions.  Some positions, like moderators, do require you to access Zoom via the computer application as some features are not accessible via mobile, tablet, or browser.  Other positions, like Community Support, will require the use of Discord, a third party application.

As you read through the application, you will see several personal questions that you may or may not be comfortable answering. We are only asking for gender, identifications, and orientations to match volunteers with specific spaces such as BIPOC, POC, queer, transgender, Master, slave, etc. Answering these sensitive questions is optional, and replies will be used solely for keeping certain exclusive spaces safe for those identifications. Only executive staff members will have access to this information and it will never be shared.

There is also a question about Spanish fluency. MsC WORLDWIDE 2023 is very excited to be offering a Spanish education program and we need a team of volunteers fluent in Spanish to support this.

Thank you again for your time. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email the Volunteer Coordinator anytime using the contact form here.